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Residential Lawn Treatment Fort Lauderdale

How to Tell if Your Fort Lauderdale Home Needs a Residential Lawn Treatment

In Fort Lauderdale, we are privileged to live in one of the nation’s most beautiful cities on earth. And as such, it’s important to most people in Fort Lauderdale to keep their lawns and gardens looking healthy and fresh.

But between the pressures of work and family, it’s not always easy to keep on top of the lawn maintenance. Unless you have an expert eye, the beginning stages of lawn or turf damage can be really hard to spot. Anteater's Pest Control is one of the top lawn care companies in the state, and we’ve prepared this handy guide to help you spot lawn problems before they spiral out of control. If you see any of these signs, call us quickly!

Lawn Weeds

What we call weeds are just native plants that happen to be very scrappy. But if they take root in your lawn, without proper weed control your garden and backyard could be completely overrun! There’s nothing wrong with a dandelion or two, but if left alone these hardy plants will ruin the pristine look of your home’s exterior.

Other pesky plants to watch out for are clover (small-leaf or regular), chickweed, or buttercups. While they might seem harmless, they’re anything but: weeds will quickly choke the life out of any yard if left alone.

Lawn Moss

Moss is most often found during the fall and spring months due to extra moisture on the ground. This sign often indicates poor drainage or too much shade. Moss is very hard to eradicate. Have a trained professional apply moss killer and employ proper turf care techniques like spiking to improve your lawn’s health.

Worm Casts

When the weather gets rainy, earthworms and other creepy-crawlies come out to play. With enough worms, the dirt is displaced. This isn’t just unsightly; worm casts create perfect conditions for weeds to thrive. When you hire one of Fort Lauderdale’s best lawn care companies for weed control and turf care, this isn’t an issue, no matter how often it rains!

Grubs or Brown Patches

A mysterious brown patch usually can only mean one thing: grubs.

Yuck. The sight of creepy milk-white grubs popping up in your lawn’s soil is enough to make even the bravest of folks shudder. Worse still, grubs munch on the root system that keeps your lawn grass healthy and full of nutrients.

When you call Anteater's Pest Control for residential lawn treatment, we apply our expert pest control services to all manner of common backyard pests and funguses. This keeps your lawn free of dangerous predators so it can rebuild healthy roots and thrive.

Five Reasons to Leave Your Landscaping to the Pros

When it comes to making sure that your home’s landscaping needs are properly taken care of, many people feel an obligation to do the work themselves. However, the simple reality is that most residents in Fort Lauderdale are not in a position to do this job correctly. On top of that, there is a variety of reasons why your residential landscaping needs should really be left to the professionals. Five of the biggest benefits that come from enlisting the assistance of professionals for your residential landscaping needs can be seen below:

  1. It Saves You Time: Chances are that if you are like most people in Fort Lauderdale, then you are very busy. Between work and home life, there is very little time left in the day to take care of residential landscaping needs too. When you hire us for the job, you can rest assured that you will receive a high-quality service on time and under the agreed-upon budget. This means that you will have more free time to spend with friends and family, or just taking it easy by yourself.
  2. High-Quality Equipment: What many residents in Fort Lauderdale fail to realize is that the quality of the finished product, in this case a well-manicured lawn, is highly influenced by the type of equipment used. At Anteater's Pest Control, we use only the highest quality equipment and we will never settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your home’s lawncare needs.
  3. No Long-Term Commitments: At Anteater's Pest Control, we know that results matter. We also know that people will often only feel like committing to a business in the long-term when they have seen the results of doing so. When you enlist our help for your landscaping needs, you can rest assured that you will receive only high-quality results. However, what you can also be guaranteed that you will never have to sign a long-term contract that you may be uncomfortable with.
  4. Apply Proper Mowing Techniques: At Anteater's Pest Control, we are passionate about all aspects of lawncare, particularly mowing. What many amateur landscape enthusiasts don’t know is that cutting your lawn too close can damage growth and affect its appearance. To avoid these problems, we make sure that we only ever cut 1/3 of the blades of grass with each mow. This expert technique will ensure that your lawn is lush for as long as possible!
  5. We’re There Even When You’re Not: Nowadays, more people are working remotely, and while this lifestyle has many benefits, the fact of the matter is that it means that people are more inclined to work in locations away from their home. If you are someone who spends a lot of time out of town on business, then you really need a professional landscaping service to make sure that your lawn looks its best while you are away.

Fort Lauderdale’s Turf Care Experts

Your lawn is a beautiful and complex ecosystem, so when something goes wrong it’s best to ask an expert for a professional diagnostic. Our residential lawn treatments are comprehensive and suited to your lawn’s needs. Give us a call. We’d love to set up a consultation on how to get your lawn looking happy and healthy in no time.